Name: Erin McNally

Title of Unit: Thanksgiving

Title of Lesson: Thanksgiving around the world

Grade Level(s): 3rd

Type of Content: body of knowledge

Strategy: Direct Instruction/ lecture discussion model

Goal: Understand worldwide versions of Thanksgiving

Objective(s): 1.understand the United States first Thanksgiving

2. Demonstrate understanding of other countries version of Thanksgiving 3. Identify the similarities and differences amongst the

PA Standards Identify individuals and groups who have made significant political and cultural contributions to world history.

Formative Assessment: Specific behavior 1: Specific behavior 2: The students will complete a worksheet to show understanding of the holidays. Specific behavior 3: The students will be in teams to “play” Make the point.

Rationale: This lesson is important because students need to know that other countries celebrate the same holidays as they do.

Content Knowledge: United states thanksgiving

Thanksgivings around the world

Greece China Canada Egypt Jewish celebration Nigeria

Procedures: Lesson Beginning Say: Write Ask Can anyone remember who was invited to the first thanksgiving? What were they Celebrating? Say: Distribute Say: Read: Say: get with a person close to you and answer the questions together. Focus: Ask: Explain: Ask: Explain: Ask: Explain: one reason the winter was so harsh was because food was low. When the Native Americans showed the pilgrims how to grow food, it helped them survive. Ask: Explain Ask Explain: not only was food being eaten, but games and activities went on as well. Ask: Explain 'Ask:' Explain: Lesson Development Present content: Transition: READ: the information on each country Explain Say: Explain: Ask:

Review/Closure: Transition: Distribute: Explain/demonstrate: Say: Read sentences from worksheets done in class and other sentences.



Thanksgiving packets for class Document camera Chalk Chalk board Pencils Playing cards (2-5) in each suit Magnets Pointers Signs for the chalkboard.



Whole class, small groups, individual

Special Adaptations:

For the gifted students, I am going to have them write about each celebration instead of doing the worksheet. For the special needs, I will make adaptations to the sentence worksheet to include a few less words and sentences.

Anticipated Difficulties:

The students will smack each other with the pointers. The document camera will break. The children might get too excited to pay attention. The material may be too difficult for some students to understand.

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