Name: Erin McNally

Section: 01

Title of Unit: Buddy lesson

Title of Lesson: Crazy Cap’s

Grade Level(s): 2nd

Goal: Understand the rules of capitalization.

Objective(s): 1. Read and comprehend the story Mole’s Hill (Cognitive-knowledge) 2. determine capitalization errors and correctly change the letters into capital letters (Cognitive-application) 3.demonstrate understanding of proper noun rules (Cognitive- application)

PA Academic Standard: 1.1. Learning to Read Independently G. Demonstrate after reading understanding and interpretation of both fiction and nonfiction text. · Retell or summarize the major ideas, themes or procedures of the text. · Connect the new information or ideas in the text to known information. 1.5.3. quality of writing F. Edit writing using the conventions of language. · Use capital letters correctly (first word in sentences, proper nouns, pronoun "I"). · Use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions properly.

Formative Assessment: 1.oral answering questions throughout the story 2. correct the errors with the red marker 3. “Crazy Cap’s” game

Rationale: It is important that students know when to capitalize proper nouns. Whenever students read and write, using the proper usage will assist in understanding the rules of the English language and will make writing correctly easier.

Content Knowledge:

Read Mole’s Hill by Lois Ehlert

Why do you think the second time mole is mentioned that it is not a capital /M/? How many proper nouns can you see on this page?

Read the letter Mole wrote to the student: Directions on the back of letter: In Mole’s letter, there are three errors. Can you find the three capitalization errors? Using the red marker, change the mistakes that Mole made into capital letters. Here are some helpful hints that you can use to find Mole’s mistakes:

Capitalization Rules using Proper Nouns Edit

  • Specific persons and things: George W. Bush, the White House, General Motors Corporation, Penn State University
  • Specific geographical locations: Hartford, Connecticut, Africa, Lake Erie,
  • Names of planets: Mars, Saturn,
  • Days of the week, months, holidays. Brand names: Tide, Coke

DIRECTIONS FOR CRAZY CAP’S Made for 2-4 players

  1. The game includes 4 player colors (red, blue, green, yellow),4 question cards( person, place, thing, everything), a color key of what the colors mean, and six game pieces.
  2. Each player should choose a color and get 6 game pieces of the same color and a color key.
  3. All players will begin at Start. The first player will draw a small card.
  4. The card will have a color on it.
  5. Whatever the color is, that is the color that the question comes from.
  6. A word or words will appear on the card. The player needs to figure out if the word needs to be capitalized with just a simple “yes” or “no” response.
  7. If the player gets the word correct, then the player can place a game piece on the 10. If the player gets the word wrong, the player stays on the same spot and waits for the next turn
  8. Each time a player gets a question correct, the player will put a different game piece on the space.
  9. 9.To win this game, the player must score a goal. This is by getting 6 questions correct before anyone else does.

Procedures: Lesson Beginning (Reading, Listening,Speaking and Viewing) Review:

    1. Today we are going to do some fun activities on using capital letters.
    2. lets kick off today by reading this book.


  1. student and buddy will partner read the story.
  2. Some pages will have questions that the student will be asked to answer.

Lesson Development (Present content/skill) (listening, and Viewing)

  1. Hey look here! Mole must have heard us reading her story. She wrote a letter. Let me read it and you listen carefully.
  2. 1. Try to find the mistakes using this paper on your own.
  3. If you need help, I will help give you some hints.

(Involve students) Visual Representation)

  1. Now that you know your proper noun rules, lets play a game. It is called “Crazy Cap’s.”
  2. Pick out the color you want to be and lets read the directions.
  3. I wonder if I can beat you in this game.

(Provide practice and feedback)

This will   be given throughout the game based on the student’s answers to the   cards. 

Lesson Ending Review and Closure:

I hope you   enjoyed today’s lesson.  You get to   keep the game.  Share it with your   friends and family and have fun with it.


1 Mole’s Hill story 1 letter from mole 1 directions for the letter correction 1 dry erase marker 4 color word cards 4 color keys 24 game pieces 4 game boards 1 directions for game


McNamara, J Capitalization. Retrieved March 9, 2009, from The guide to grammar and griting Web site: List of nouns. Retrieved March 6, 2009, from Mom's who think Web site:


Partner, small group, Individual

Special Adaptations:

Use words   that are the spelling words for the week. 

Use less colors Disregard the “everything” pile of cards

Anticipated Difficulties:

Not motivated Still not understanding the rules for proper noun usage

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